Essay The Effects Of Playing Sports On The Brain Development

Essay The Effects Of Playing Sports On The Brain Development

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Nowadays, with the speeding development of technology and society, people live in a modern life with great pressure. The pressure is like the air, which is omnipresent. As a result, it is necessary for the adults to play to release all kinds of pressure from modern life. Not only do children need to play for their brain development, but also adults need to play for both physical and mental relaxation. Taking myself as an example, playing basketball helps me release my pressure, improve my health condition, and most importantly, strengthen my spirit of persistence.
We have a lot of ways to alleviate the social pressure, I like playing sports to relieve stress. For example, I play basketball three times a week, which is my favorite sport. Through this game, I get some benefits from it. First, playing basketball makes me healthy. I grow stronger than before by playing it, I am not easy to get a cold. Second, Basketball brings me great amusement. Whenever I am playing Basketball with my friends, I always fell very happy and excited. I can forget all unhappy things on the playing field.
I have learned the impairment of cooperate. On the playing field, in order to beat the other games, we should play together and help each other. Playing basketball can let me make some friends, we play together in the playing field and help each other in our daily life. In high school, I joined the school basketball team. That was like a completely new world to me. We needed to follow what coach said and do what he told us to do. The most important was teamwork. When I played with my friends, I can not say there was no teamwork. There still had a role but no captain or leader. We could shout what we wanted and tell what we wanted other members to do. ...

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... best to take over some difficult things in my daily life. Just imagine I am in a bad mood ,then I go to the basketball court, I dribble heavily on the ground, slam the ball to the board ,do a fade away jumper, layup, I can do everything I want without hurting anyone, then after I finished, I will find my sorrow has gone, and I am not so angry again.
As adults, we have to fulfill the expectations and finish the tasks of all aspects of life, such as going to school, going to work, and balancing personal relationships, including family and friendships. It is important to get away from the fast-paced life and relax both our bodies and minds. One can tell the necessity of playing from the tragedies of suicide deaths that adults committed because of the overloading of life pressure. As a result, playing in a certain extent helps adults to sustain their social well-being.

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