The Effects Of Playing Sports On Sports Essay

The Effects Of Playing Sports On Sports Essay

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Playing a sport whether its basketball, soccer, football or any other of your interest can be thrilling, and accelerating. Not only can it be fun yet physical exercise is good for the mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, as an athlete one must keep in mind that playing any sport, injury is part of life and inevitable. Research has proven from time to time that severe injuries in sports can trigger psychological mental health issues, affecting them in their athletic performance.
Recovering from an injury can indeed be a difficult process and athletes must wait for however long in able to play the sport again. During that duration of time, the idea of waiting and not performing can sometimes cause an athlete to feel angry, to be in denial, and grief about it. Yet if they keep having these reoccurring emotions it may progress into something more severe almost to the point of experiencing psychological disorders such as depression, developing an anxiety disorder, or kinesophobia an irrational fear of re-injuring upon physical movement. Let us take into consideration a former American world cup alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist who suffered psychologically from her injury in 1988. Picabo Street was severely injured in a skiing accident in Switzerland causing her to break her left leg and blowing out her right knee. According to the press media, New York Times stated she completely isolated herself from everyone and locked herself in her parent’s bedroom. Ms. Steel would not accept any phone calls, did not watch television, and did nothing for weeks but only lie in a dark room thinking of melancholic thoughts. Ms. Steel stated, “I went through a huge depression, I hit rock bottom. I never thought that I would experience anythin...

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...the possibility of feeling discourage and losing hope. This psychological intervention is indeed helpful because it provides us with an evaluation of how successful the individual is doing.
As we know by now it is important to take into consideration the psychological aspect of sports injury, yet in able to recover you need as well physical therapy. Also known as physiotherapy, which is physical medicine and rehabilitation with the intention of enhancing or restoring mobility within a particular part of the body that’s injured. The goal is physical therapy is to make daily tasks easier, help your joints move better, restore flexibility, strengthen your muscle, improve coordination, and balance. A physical therapist will examine your injury and see how severe it is, and will ask you a variety of questions about your symptoms and will come up with a treatment plan.

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