The Effects Of Plastic Waste On The Environment And Human Health Essay

The Effects Of Plastic Waste On The Environment And Human Health Essay

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Stopping the Many Negative Effects Caused by Plastic Waste.
In daily life, people use a lot of plastic which is a polymeric material that is used in products, such as bottles, trash bags, plastic crockeries, and many more. At any given moment, it is obvious that most things around us are made of plastic including, dishes, carrier bags and twist ties. While using these products, people do not have the slightest idea if these plastic products impact the environment, where they come from, where they are taken away after they throw them, or even the materials used to make these products. The only thing people are generally concerned with is that the plastic bags fulfil their temporary needs. Although plastic can make people’s lives easier, it can also negatively affect the environment if people do not use them wisely. “As indicated in the article titled “Plastics, the Environment and Human Health,” “Plastics are inexpensive, lightweight, strong, durable, corrosion-resistant materials, with high thermal and electrical insulation properties.” (Thompson et al, 188). The diversity of polymers and the versatility of their properties are used to make a vast array of products that bring medical and technological advances, energy savings, and numerous other societal benefits. People must recycle, reduce, and reuse plastic products to stop the serious negative effects they produce on the environment, economy, and human health.
First of all, plastic can be harmful to the environment. People use plastic in everything, such as buying bottles, wearing clothes that made from plastic, and using plastic dishes to eat. Some people throw their trash plastic like bottles in the ocean, which cause negative effects on the environment. This phenomenon wil...

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...lso, making new products and materials will come in handy through recycling that provides us with cheaper plastic products with fewer negative effects on the planet. In addition, reducing plastic waste is another solution. For example, using paper bags which can be used for a number of times as compared to disposable plastic bags. The last solution is reusing plastic waste by doing some creative things. For example, using disposable bottles by a little cutting and adjusting can be used for a number of needs from brush, pen, and phone holders as containers. Also, we can reuse a plastic bag to line small trash cans, such as in the bathroom instead of buying new plastic can liners. The civil society must be fully involved in this process of saving the earth before it is too late. By curbing our use of plastic, we would be playing the change agent for generations to come

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