Essay about The Effects Of Physical Weathering On A Young Adult 's Life

Essay about The Effects Of Physical Weathering On A Young Adult 's Life

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An eight page paper due by Monday at 11:59pm, a test Tuesday morning at 8:15am, working 26 hours at your part time job in a week, having to declare a major before the semester ends, still trying to figure out how to live without mom and dad, being involved with a campus ministry, and maintaining a healthy relationship with your boyfriend of 9 months. These are just a few examples of what an adolescent experiences while emerging adulthood, the question is, is there a correlation between stress on a young adult and putting him or her at high risks for physical or mental health? When looking into the effects of family of origin and other factors in a young adult’s life is there added stress, that shouldn’t be there?
Physical Health
Physical weathering is a term used in science to explain geological or medical change in an object or being’s body dealing with chemical composition. Physical weathering is associated with subjective weathering in the early life course, it is found that there are similar linkages between these processes in middle to later adulthood, as physical health differences emerge and grow by race and ethnicity with advancing age. Role transitions may have distinctive implications for subjective weathering and adult identity formation among males. Although the variance in depression by the addition of subjective weathering and adult identity formation is limited, these perceptions illuminate how sociodemographic and stress variables influence mental health in emerging adulthood (Foster, 2008).
Mental Health
Emerging adulthood, or the period of life between ages 18 and 25, is a time of increased vulnerability to several mental health problems, including symptoms of depression and suicidal behavior. Among racial and et...

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