Essay The Effects Of Physical Activity On Mental Health

Essay The Effects Of Physical Activity On Mental Health

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In dailies, media reports, blogs and the like, it has been purported that physical activity is critical to one’s health. However, mental health should also be given the same highlight as the former as it goes hand in hand with the latter. Both are closely connected. It is noted that a comprehensive mental health allows an individual the ability to keep himself physically healthy. Emotional issues and mental illness play a huge influence on one’s ability to embrace in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Just as we involve ourselves in an annual physical exam, one should also set aside time to have an annual mental check up.

We are living in a world ridden with mental concerns. We often see on TV about heinous crimes, drug abuse, suicide and what have you. All these ills of the society and more ties up to having a good mental state of being. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO), world leaders are acknowledging campaign for mental health and well-being, and the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, as health priorities within the global development agenda (2016).
Despite the eagerness of WHO for the aforementioned campaign, several literatures exhibit barriers in achieving mental health. In fact, a recent bulletin longitudinal findings about the perceptions of detained youth about mental health services in Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center in Chicago, IL. Is that they are not certain as to whom they can contact or get help which accounts to 31.7%. 56.5 percent did not receive any services because they rely on the fact their problems will just disappear without the need for outside help. While 19.1 percent have indicated that they had difficulty in seeking help or treatment (Abram, Paskar, Washburn, &...

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... stressors at home, work, family issues, health concerns and other things that deter them in achieving an optimal life. With that, we should bring together the aspect of physiotherapy like that of promoting functional movement, movement awareness, physical activity and exercises and meld it with mental health. By so doing, it will encourage and help the individual perform better in rehabilitation and will get a better outlook in life while working on achieving a huge improvement on the treatment plan. In a nutshell, the mind is the seat of authority in the body, so if we enhance the mind then it can conceive to achieve things such as physical mobility and what not and bring about a general health of the individual. This will be an effective goal in every rehabilitation – to create a more positive experience which is likely to achieve the fastest recovery possible.

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