Essay about Effects Of Physical Activity On Children 's Health

Essay about Effects Of Physical Activity On Children 's Health

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Advancement of Physical Activity
Adding physical activity programs in the elementary school is important for
the children’s health. Engaging in physical activity for young children improves their mental and physical health. It’s important to teach children healthy habits when they are young because the children will continue these habits until adulthood. Schools need to be monitored to make sure they are offering physical activity classes. The physical activity classes need to be more rigorous because they are not challenging the children enough. Regular physical activity in young children improves strength, helps control weight and stress. Our school system needs to offer more physical activity to prevent obesity, depression and avoid young children from bad behavior.
In today’s school system physical activity classes are not required. Studies show “About three out of four children ages 5 to 10 get less than one hour of physical activity daily (Hendrick 1).” According to these results young children are not receiving enough exercise. The schools are not offering enough time in the classes. “Recently, the Institute of Medicine recommended an average daily dose of 30 minutes for elementary school and 45 minutes for middle and high school of activity for PE lessons that composed of at least 50% MVPA … most fall short of this mark (Kahan , Thomas, Mckenzie 653).” The Institute of Medicine(IOM) is a American non-profit organization that provides the public with information to help improve health. IMO gives nonbiased information to help people such as these children that are not getting enough physical activity and they give advice that can slow down the childhood obesity rate in ...

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...e to avoid physical activity because their parents allowed them to. Neglectful children are not accomplishing enough physical activity to help themselves stay healthy. Also, parents should be responsible for their children’s participation in physical activity.
Young children are more affected by obesity, which is a hazard for their health but eluding these results from obesity are achievable by physical activity. Depression is not crucial if children get the right amount of physical activity in school. Also, encouraging physical activity for young children assists’ children avert from bad behavior. Even though people disagree with going to gym class, physical activity has more benefits then disadvantages. After learning the benefits of physical activity it is easy to assume physical activity can help the young children mentally and physically in their daily lives.

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