The Effects Of Physical Activity On Childhood Development Essay

The Effects Of Physical Activity On Childhood Development Essay

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Physical Activity in Childhood
Childhood development is a process that involves a chain event including physical, biological and emotional changes. These changes depend on the type of exposure that an individual’s kid is exposed to during their growth stages. This determines several factors on the behaviors as they are ought to portray in their adolescence and the adulthood life. A major factor that every kid is exposed to during growth is physical activities ("Promoting Physical Activity", 2010). These are done in different situations including schools, homesteads and any other places that children gather. Most parents and guardians encourage children to participate in these activities due to the various effects that they have on their growth. This paper, therefore, focusses on addressing the effects that physical exercise has on development, physical and cognitive domain.
The involvement in physical activities during their tender ages enables individuals to develop the core values of teamwork. This is because they perform these activities based on groups and at some time they make rules have to adhere. This implies that these individuals have very high level of obedience in all their undertakings which is influenced by what they learned in the group. The aspect of teamwork promotes the welfare of an individual in their career life since it is the most used strategy in solving most of the institutional based problems or issues (Russell & Harms, 2010). Importantly, it enables children to develop respect for other during different events that they participate. They learn that every individual deserves dignity and thus should be respected for his or her views. Additionally, it forms the basis for the emergence of skills on how to ...

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...choices. The aspect of imitation which is a recent concept in developmental psychology is also believed to be affected by physical activity in the form of cognition. This is due to the reason that it promotes the ability of infants in copying what others are doing and thus practicing them on their own (Marshall & Peters, 2005). This is a factor that influences the growth of diverse skills from what they have learned from others in the society.
In a nutshell, it is clear that physical activity is a major factor that promotes development process among infants. It forms a basis from which physical, growth and cognitive domains among small children are developed that make greater contributions to their lives in future. It is, therefore, important that the parents and guardians are aware of the existence of such benefits so that they do not keep their children indoors.

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