The Effects Of Physical Abuse On Children Essay

The Effects Of Physical Abuse On Children Essay

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Many people cannot personally identify with someone who was abused as a child. It occurs more often than most people are aware, and there is no denying that it is a very serious issue that brings major consequences with it. Unfortunately, society seems to consider child abuse too depressing of a subject to discuss. This attitude does not help either the victims or the abusers. Adolescent victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect are forced to overcome both short term and long term effects.
Out of all forms of abuse, physical abuse has the most obvious and concrete signs. Therefore, physical abuse is most commonly reported due to injury on the body. According to Rebecca Frey, physical abuse refers to striking or beating another person with the hands or an object, and may include assault with a knife, gun, or other weapon. A physical abuser might hit, push, or choke the victim or, if they are using an object, might cut the victim if they are using a knife, for example. Effects of physical abuse may be short term such as broken bones, bruises, cuts, or other marks on the body. Or in more serious cases, the victim may suffer from long term effects such as depression, bulimia nervosa, social phobia, anxiety disorder, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, amnesia, identity disorder, retarded physical growth and poor coordination, slowed development of the brain, and changes in the neurochemistry of the brain that affects memory formation. There are many factors that may cause a parent to abuse his or her child including early learning experiences (meaning the abuser was also abused as a child), economic stress, lack of social support or social resources, substance abuse, and mental disorders. An abuser may believe t...

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...ices may lead to cases of neglect; these cases all pertain the social/environmental category of child neglect. (Fireman 249). It can be argued that neglect is the most devastating form of abuse a child can experience.
It is obvious that child abuse can occur in many different forms and situations. Adolescent victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect are forced to overcome both short term and long term effects. Fortunately, the problem of child abuse is quickly being addressed and will hopefully be coming to a halt due to all states having designated agencies for the reporting and investigation of child abuse incidences, which are reported to a central registry for tracking (McEachern 145). Child abuse is a very serious problem in society, but identifying the causes and effects of child abuse will aid in ending all forms of abuse in the future.

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