Essay on The Effects Of Pesticides On Organic Farming

Essay on The Effects Of Pesticides On Organic Farming

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Around the world, incessant debate swells over the matter of industrial farming. Today, arguments over organic versus industrial farming are analogous to a salmon swimming downstream in a murky nitrogen runoff stream – it’s stalled, hazardous, and rather convoluted. From meticulous inspection of the facts, one realizes that both sides’ arguments can often overlap and contradict each other, often with disputable claims backing up certain viewpoints. In this regard, David Biello, associate editor of Scientific American, argues that in developing countries, industrial farming is preferable to organic farming in developing countries because it is more suitable and safe. However, Biello fails to address industrial farming’s most dangerous and deadly aspect – pesticides. The effects of pesticides are so dire that it is nearly impossible to suggest that industrial farming is more innocuous and suitable for third world countries.
As Biello deliberates in his essay, “Will Organic Food Fail to Feed the World”, organic farming is difficult to practice, while applying conventional farming will fit more seamlessly in third world countries. “Organic farming”, he notes, “is a very knowledge intensive farming system” (Biello, 233). He believes that knowledge is the decisive factor in boosting farming yields; and conventional industrial farming is much easier for farmers’ to learn.

Conventional farming requires knowledge of how to manage what farmers know as inputs – synthetic fertilizer, chemical pesticides, and the like – as well as fields laid out precisely via global-positioning systems. Organic farmers, on the other hand, must learn to manage an entire ecosystem geared to producing food-controlling pest through biological means, using th...

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...ent that factory farming in third world countries is not the most effective farming strategy. While David Biello believes that conventional, industrial farming is easier to practice and more suitable for third world countries, this is not completely accurate. The pesticide problems have myriad deplorable affects on farming practices, the environment, and on human health. This makes applying industrial farming much more difficult in third world countries than organic farming, thereby invalidating Biello’s argument. There exists tried and true research, like that of the NP Agricultural Service and Partners Report, which has proven that certain organic farming methods can be suitable replacements for pesticides. Until the problems of pesticides in third world countries are addressed, we cannot begin to continue the extensive debate on organic versus industrial farming.

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