The Effects Of Peer Pressure On Young Adults Essay

The Effects Of Peer Pressure On Young Adults Essay

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Why do young adults believe that they need to follow the actions of other young adults to make them feel accepted in society? Because young adults have always had a difficult time learning how to fit into society, many young adults turn to other teens to make them feel popular or accepted. Unfortunately, peer pressure has become a huge factor in many young adult’s lives. Some teens tend to turn to drugs or alcohol because many of their friends are smoking or drinking also. In addition, peer pressure causes many teenagers to follow the wrong path, but it also impacted teenager’s lives in positive ways. For example, young adults experience peer pressure reflected in smoking, partying, and academic performance.
The first effect that peer pressure causes is smoking. Many young adults turn to smoking to feel accepted. According to Elizabeth Lloyd-Richardson of Brown University in Providence, R.I., “Peer smoking was by far the strongest predictor of smoking progression." (News, p.1) The first problem is when many easily influenced teenagers fall into the wrong crowd. There are many teenagers that do not know right from wrong. In addition to this, an easily influenced teenager will befriend a troublemaker and think that what these teens are doing is correct. Young adults may not even realize that they are falling under peer pressure. These young adults may begin to smoke cigarettes because their new friends smoke as well. Sadly, young adults may begin to hang around a smoker and the smoker may make the young adult feel as if they are uncool for not smoking. This desire to feel accepted may cause serious stress on the non-smoker. On a similar topic, smoking causes countless deaths in the world, but many teenagers ignore this fact becau...

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...ormance. A person who fails every test may find a friend who makes all A’s. As a result, this person sees that making good grades can also be as cool as failing every test. In conclusion, peer pressure resulting in successful academic performance plays a huge role in the way teenagers view their schoolwork.
As long as peer pressure exists, teenagers will fall under the pressure. Although teens feel this pressure and despite what other young adults think of them, teens need to realize that there is more to life than being popular. While peer pressure typically leads to negative behavior, such as drinking, smoking, and using drugs, peer pressure can also have positive benefits on academic performance. The best advice to young adults would be to avoid harmful and negative peer pressure, and to fall under the peer pressure that benefits their lives in positive ways.

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