The Effects Of Patient Involvement On The Work Of Physicians And Nurses Essay

The Effects Of Patient Involvement On The Work Of Physicians And Nurses Essay

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The article was a study and measured the self-reported effects of patient involvement on the work of physicians and nurses. Health care professionals are expected to promote patient participation in care and treatment. Physicians and other health care providers face growing demands, a major source of stress. Some questions asked in the article were “Does providing care for an actively involved patient enhance the quality of one’s work satisfaction? Or is it an additional source of work stress?” It has shown that involvement with patients have been linked to satisfaction. The current study measured and examined health care providers’ perceptions of the effects of patient involvement on their work. The aims of this study were 1. To confirm a two factor structure, negative (hassles) and positive (uplifts) aspects of patient involvement on the work of physicians and nurses; 2. To examine the differences in health care provider perceptions of hassles and uplifts; and 3. To examine partnership-building communication with patients. Arnetz and colleagues reported that both physicians and nurses gave high ratings to the importance of patients in decisions regarding treatment. A method that they used to test this is a questionnaire survey was distributed among cardiology staff in 12 Swedish hospitals. The survey consists of 303 registered nurses, 132 practical nurses, and 53 physicians. It was conducted around 2005 and was to measure partnership communication and perceptions. Questionnaires were distributed over a 2-week period to all physicians and nursing staff. Every individual received a postage-paid envelope for so that they could return the questionnaire to the research team. No one on the ward was aware of how the participants respon...

... middle of paper ... are not easy, they have to maintain composure and figure out the best solution to go after the work load that is put on to them. When a patient is sick, there are multiple ways to treat it. But also they have to diagnosis the right sickness because they don’t want to give them or prescribe the wrong medications. Health Care is the largest industry. This study can help health care because research like this helps identify risk factors for negative outcomes so that it won’t happen in the future. After doing the breathing meditation, I felt very relaxed and some of my stress went away because I was not thinking about it. I felt more motivated to finish this article review, so I can get a good grade and pass the class. Stress can be detrimental to one’s life, but we have different solutions like mediation or like yoga to help us become less stressful or stress free.

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