Effects of Parent's Incarceration on Children Essay

Effects of Parent's Incarceration on Children Essay

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Being the child of an incarcerated parent has substantial amounts of negative influences on youth today. As young children, many consider their parents as role models. Someone who they can confide in, someone who will preserve them, and someone who will guide them through life. For most youngsters having an incarcerated parent, means that their admirable example in life is absent. Not having a parent present in one's childhood leads to innumerable negative outcomes and impacts.
Statistics have shown that one in every five children has seen their parent’s arrest. For young children, who were present at the incarceration have numerous short term effects. Children that are under the age of seven experienced nightmares and flashbacks from the event. At times the child is at school while their parent is being taken away. This causes them to come home to an empty house, and oblivious to the arrest. It is laborious for young children to grasp what is happening to their parent, that's why it’s crucial for parents to clarify the situation. Only about twenty percent of parents offered an explanation about the imprisonment. Supplying the children affected by the incarceration of a parent with authentic statements gives them an understanding of their new conditions. It also gives them guidance to manage the deprivation of the parent (Ross).
A large number of children that are in school at the time of the incarceration, reveal various complications in their school work. Research showed that fifty percent of the children display substandard educational production. Dropout scale for these individuals has shown a great increase (Ross). Some of these obstacles become a frequent concept for many of the people involved. For women that are exp...

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...The lack of a an authority figure leads to the child making ignorant decisions. Doing unlawful things for most of these individuals isn’t considered wrong. Their parents did it so why shouldn't they follow their footsteps? In today’s society the lack of parenthood is an ongoing cycle that needs to stop. Raising about the influence will lead many generations to achieve impressive accomplishments.

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