Effects Of Parental Separation And Divorce Essay

Effects Of Parental Separation And Divorce Essay

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In the journal of effects of parental separation and divorce on very young children they tell us about mayor effects on young children when facing divorce. It tells us that shared parenting is one of the major ones and it tells us the effect on the child specifically. In the Journal we also read that one of the effects of divorce is gaining a disobliged parent. After reading the journal we learn that psychological distress is also a factor of divorce that affects the child. Divorce diminishes parenting and it adds itself to another effect of divorce on a child. Of course when divorce comes in the picture there is an economic impact that comes into effect for the young child.
Divorce affects children since shared parenting has to become a new problem and a new situation. Many children go true the stage of having two people argue over who the child should chose if the judge was to ask them. This is an overwhelming decision for a young child that loves both parents and is being forced to choose between them. Then when the problem is solved and the judge has decided how much time and how many days of the week the child will see a certain parent the child has to get use to this change. Having two houses can be a major change that may affect the young child. Many children also have to get used to seeing the mother or father on their own and not together. And on special occasions like Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving or Birthdays they probably will only get the chance to spend it with one especially if one of the parents happens to move to another city. All these are factors that affect the child since it is something they are completely new to. And it can affect many potions of the child’s life socially emotionally and academically....

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... with divorce parents have a harder time making friends since they have low trust on people and they believe that they will be let down just like the parents done before. This is the main reason why children with divorce parents have social problems they believe in a cycle that their friends will do the same as their parents.
The journal teaches us about the many affects that divorce has on a child not only the negative but the positive ones also. In conclusion when a child faces abortion it is drastic change weather it is positive or negative. The child will have to learn to cope with it and will build mechanisms for it. Weather the child has a negative or appositive affect based on divorce it will be a factor of change after the divorce the child will not remain the same. Hopefully the child lets divorce have a positive effect on him/her instead of a negative one.

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