The Effects Of Parental Involvement On Children 's Education Essay

The Effects Of Parental Involvement On Children 's Education Essay

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“Did you finish your homework, let me see it?”, this may be one of the most influential questions a parent can ask their children. Typically viewed as a frustrating annoyance at a young age, this question has haunted millions of children every year hoping to slide one over on their parents. As educations remains stagnant in the U.S, their has been a shift of a focus from what the schools have been doing wrong, and more of a focus on the influence a parent has on their child’s education. This is a reflection on the negative effects of a parent not being academically involved as well as a parent pushing a child too hard during their youth years. It also displays the positive effects contributed by parent’s who are both stern and supportive towards children 's education, instilling the value and importance of an education ultimately increasing a child’s rate for success.

It’s a well researched and proven fact that parental involvement within a child’s education has a large impact on their attitude not only towards school, but learning all together. This positive influence simply doesn 't stop at a parent attending a quarterly PTA meeting, or being part of school events like bake sales or chaperoning. Parents are encouraged to sit down with their children every night and help with homework, so much so that researchers from John Hopkins developed a program called TIPS or (Teachers Involving Parents in Schoolwork). This program was designed to create a cohesion between the school, student as well as the parent’s. In doing so, the 236 sixth grade students involved in the program saw on average significantly better science grades during high school. In addition, students who had been a part of lower level classes were later on involve...

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...ooling the little league team to and from practice. That statement of self sacrifice extends far beyond basic needs of providing a child with basic necessities. It extends into sitting down with a child, even after a long day of work, helping with homework, studying or even just reading to them. It involves instilling the value of an education by frequently talking about it and creating a plan from the very beginning. At the same rate, it involves not snuffing out their youth with constant pressure to succeed, removing the joy of being a child. A parent ultimately has to understand that, no child is asked to be brought into this world to live out a subpar life. It is the responsibility of that parent to display that self sacrifices in ensuring their child has been provided with the attentiveness to grant them the greatest chance in succeeding throughout their lives.

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