The Effects Of Parental Incarceration On The Adolescent Population Essay examples

The Effects Of Parental Incarceration On The Adolescent Population Essay examples

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Adalist-Estrin, A. (2006). Providing support to children with incarcerated parents. Retrieved from
In this article, Adalist-Estrin discusses the effects that parental incarceration on the adolescent population. Of the many different effects and contributing factors parental imprisonment can have on children, she targets a very prominent three that result in a lack of support and understanding of the presenting issue. The author further discusses and lists the various ways many of these adolescents may experience parental incarceration, including the feelings associated with this trauma. The article sheds light on the challenges faced with providing support as well as why it is crucial to create supportive environments for these children. Importantly, Adalist-Estrin goes on to explain the importance of the roles educators, counselors, and community advocates play as supporters. Suggestions and strategies are offered for responding to and working with this population of children, including that of a support group.
Clopton, K., & East, K. (2008). “Are there other kids like me?” children with a parent in prison. Retrieved From
This journal article discusses the importance of the inclusion of storybooks for children with a jailed parent in classrooms in an interesting way. A number of paragraphs incorporate a direct quote from two children’s books created for this population of children, before given a detailed summary of statistics, risks, scenarios, and feelings experienced by these child...

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...rents: A Bill of Rights. The Children of Promise-Mentors of Hope initiative is a grant funded mentoring program implemented by an organization at the University of Oklahoma specifically for children of the incarcerated. The Bill of Rights aims to meet the needs of these children by providing a list of eight rights the children are entitled to. Timmons describes the goals and purposes of each of these contributions, as well as offers ten tips in closing to readers of ways to get involved with this population of children. A few of these offerings relate specifically to my agenda with wanting to acknowledge and enhance the lives of the children and their families. For example, the author suggests creating support groups, acknowledging the pain of the children, assisting children with communicating their feelings, and even exposure to books about parental incarceration.

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