The Effects of Paparazzi Essay

The Effects of Paparazzi Essay

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Paparazzi has made a huge impact in almost everyone's lives. People can see it everyday, from favorite news channel to social websites. People also tend see it in magazines, and in some rare cases entire books. Without it, celebrities wouldn't be nearly as famous as they are today. The intensity of it varies from place to place. For example, France is well known to respects the lives of celebrities and their kids, while other places like Hollywood try to even make conflict with them. (“What is Paparazzi?”) Media attention can affect everyone's life from celebrities and their families to ourselves.
“We have a love-hate relationship,” says Halle Berry. “I need them, and they need me.”(“Halle Berry Testifies for Strong Paparazzi Laws”) This is how most celebrities view their jobs, but others lean more to a specific side. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Ben Affleck have criticized their ways. Steven Tyler, a very popular singer, actor, and film composer has even tried to pass a certain bill called the “Steven Tyler Act” in Hawaii against paparazzi and their invading ways. (Paulson 'First Amendment Center') This bill actually passed, with twenty-three out of twenty-five senators supporting it expressing that photographers have the inclination to invade First-Amendment rights. (Paulson 'First Amendment Center')

Not all bad comes media attention. Numerous celebrities would not be popular without the media attention. For example the Kardashians could not live they way they do with out them. Thanks to the part their father had in the OJ Simpson case and Kim's mischievous doings they quickly became bombarded by the media.“We recognized long ago that the paparazzi were just trying to do their job. Same with the press,” said the Ka...

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