The Effects Of Outdoor Play On Physical Development Essay

The Effects Of Outdoor Play On Physical Development Essay

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Breakfast is important for Physical Development because it becomes the fuel for growth. Without breakfast, kids may begin to feel tired, restless, or irritable. A healthy diet includes all major food groups for all the nutrition their bodies need and also limits sugar and fat. Fast food is a nutritional poor choice most of the time because it contains nearly 600 calories from fat per meal, which is 100 more calories from fat than young children should consume all day. A good nutritional breakfast will provide energy, strength, and power your son needs for great Physical Development.

Outdoor play is excellent for Physical Development. Brandon loves playing at the park so this is where he will spend most of his time during outdoor play with lots of running, jumping and hopping. Physical activities like these are great for his health, fitness, development, and they help him gain strength and bravery. It is ok for him to get bruises or scratches so that he learns that if he falls and gets hurt it will heal. Outdoor play helps beat obesity and improve his gross motor skills. His gross motor skills are improved when playing games that involve large muscle groups like tag or climbing on the play structure. In addition, playing outside at the park helps him learn how too coordinate motions of his arms and legs.

Indoor play is important to improve physical development like fine motor skills. Drawing requires him to physically hold a pencil which improves strength and requires precision. Other activities like crafts where he has to hold scissors are good to help him learn how to do so. Improved fine-motor skills means that he can begin to write better. As he practices and develops his ability to hold a pencil and use scissors will becom...

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...e baby is born, he will get his special time with just you around. In addition, it promotes social development because he will be interacting with you and learning how to share.

Family sit down dinner promotes positive social development by having conversations at the dinner table. He will learn social skills like manners and language that will build overtime as you continue to have more family dinners. This is a good way for everyone to get to talk about fun activities experienced throughout the day and review what was learnt.

Swimming lessons with other children promotes positive social interaction. Brandon will learn how to act in a public/group setting. Help him gain self-esteem and feel valued or wanted. Something he will enjoy doing with others and he will develop his social skills at the same time. He will get to learn how to make friends and be confident.

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