Effects Of Organizational Structures On Employees Essay

Effects Of Organizational Structures On Employees Essay

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An organization’s structure is crucial in deciding how tasks are managed or organized by employees and led by the top management. An organization’s structure provides a chance of untangling how the firm’s business is performing internally to ensure timely production of goods and services. When designing an organization’s structure, it is important to build it upon the vision and mission of the firm’s core objectives (Puffer, 2004). This kind of a structure will allow the set goals and initiatives to be met by the project scope. Thus, an organizational structure denotes how powers and responsibilities are allocated within the company, and work processes are carried out by members of the organization. The theme of this paper is to discuss the effects of Organizational structures on employees, Behavioral implications of different organizational designs and finally considering if there is a better structure in terms of its effects on its employees.
Effects of organizational structure on its members
Many employees desire to work in an environment that has respect and trust, where they are free to make contributions towards the goals and objectives of the organization. These employees want an opportunity to demonstrate to their management that they are capable of accomplishing a task with the creativity acquired from working in teams.
The structure of the organization can greatly impact its employees. For instance, the Organizational structures can promote or inhibit employee performance, depending on how effectively the workflow and supervisory relationships influence productivity. It also defines the reporting hierarchy and the departmental structure.
Employee ideas are important towards the success of the company. The inflow of e...

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...difficult to maintain compared to a tangible structure because of the continuous communication required to evade duplication of work.
Today, the composition and value of organizations have changed, reflecting the changing values of society. The structure of a firm does not occur in a vacuum. It should be combined with the culture of the organization. The structure of the organization needs to function in a way that supports the culture, traditions, and norms of the organization. The initiation of women into the workforce generated a paradigm shift in the organizational structure. It was considered impossible for men to report to women before. As we approach the future, the organizational structures will continue to change. Therefore, no organizational structure can be said to be better than the other; no single structure is better with its impact on employees.

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