The Effects Of Obesity On Children 's Risk For Becoming Obese Essay

The Effects Of Obesity On Children 's Risk For Becoming Obese Essay

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The obesity rates in children have been climbing higher and higher each year since approximately 1980 and have only just now begun to level off. In fact Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children in the last 30 years. In 1980 only 7% of children 6-11 years of age were obese and in 2012 the number rose to 18% of all children were obese (Physical). We have decided to help the town of Lancaster, Ohio to slow and hopefully reverse this issue. We have developed a program that would target the youth of this town ages 6-11 and have a high impact, increasing their health. The primary cause for obesity in these young children has been debated and never resolved. Though we know many different factors are to blame and all have a negative effect on a child’s risk for becoming obese. The main factors although not limited to are, Lack of Physical, Nutrition and Diet, and School life. Many people are under the impression that their child is not at risk or that obesity is not a problem in the area they live. But the facts are that it is a nationwide problem, as seen on the graph below. Of the 42 states looked at only 3 had an obesity percentage lower than 10 in 2013 and 2 of those were on the edge at 9% (Obese). So it is a problem affecting everyone everywhere.

Percentage of high school students who were obese* — selected U.S. states, Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2013 (Obese)
In order to get through to the people of Lancaster we want to show them that in 2011, the state of Ohio was at an all-time high in obesity in High school aged children. They broke into the 15-20% section and have only just begun to decline back to 13% in 2013 (Obese). We talked to the Mayor of Lancaster, Mayor Carpenter; we told him of the health concerns in his...

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...ogram that were considered obese or overweight to drop at least one stage and continue the program until content and at a healthy weight. We also decided to use the idea of school incorporation to reach the kids 5 days a week. The program will be everyday 1 hour before and 2 hours after the school day concludes. This will be a permanent program it will continue through grade school and into middle school. The idea is for our program to be run and developed by the Keepin Active Community and once it is in place and taught to school faculty will volunteer time each day to run the program as a school without us. The hope is that after 5 years, Lancaster, Ohio will have the lowest obesity rates in the state of Ohio. Eventually passing along the ideas around the state and bring Ohio into the 0-9% range of obesity, a place it has never been since data was recorded in 2003.

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