Essay about The Effects Of Obesity On A Person 's Health

Essay about The Effects Of Obesity On A Person 's Health

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A risk factor is something that increases your chance of getting a disease, like cancer. There are many types of cancers with different risk factors. Most cancers are multifactorial, which means more than one are involved. Some types of cancer cannot be prevented, like those related to age, gender or heredity. But other risk factors such as obesity are influenced and affected by one’s lifestyle. Obesity is considered to be a medical condition and is able to develop when body fat has become excessive. Obesity has obvious negative effects on health, including higher cancer risk (CDC, 2012). Obesity will produce many negative effects on a person’s health, but significant evidence will show the particular role it plays in the increased risk for uterine cancer (Kovacs, 2012).
Uterine cancer includes cancer of the endometrium, or the inner lining of the uterus. The uterus is where the baby develops when a woman is pregnant and includes two main parts (CDC, 2014). The inner lining is the endometrium and outer lining is myometrium. Hormones play a key role in the shedding of the lining during a woman 's cycle. For example, before egg is released, estrogens are produced. This causes thickening of the lining so a possible pregnancy can occur. If no embryo is implanted, estrogen is produced in decreased amounts and more progesterone is made after ovulation. Progesterone prepares the uterus to shed this lining. This process continues until a woman goes through menopause. There are two main types of uterine cancers. Uterine sarcomas start in the myometrium or in the connective tissue. Endometrial carcinomas start in the cells of endometrium and include most of the uterine cancer types.
Obesity is a condition in which the body accumulates a...

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...risk for colon, endometrial cancer and lung cancer. The risk increased with every two hour sitting time, 10 percent higher risk for endometrial cancer. In an accompanying editorial, Lin Yang and Graham A. Colditz, M.D., D.Ph., of the Siteman Cancer Center and Department of Surgery write that these results “…support a causal relation between sedentary behavior and both colon and endometrial cancer”(Colditz, 2014). Cancer prevention requires good evidence, political will, and a social strategy to fund and implement prevention programs (Schmid, 2014).
In conclusion, the link between uterine cancers and obesity are completely preventable. Obesity is known for many negative effects, but it seems to play a particular role in an increased risk for Uterine Cancer. Education and a healthy lifestyle is key in preventing a higher risk for getting this cancer.

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