The Effects Of Obesity On A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

The Effects Of Obesity On A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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The whispers and jokes, though you pretend they don’t, get to you. You try and shake it off and act like they are just being mean, but deep down you know they say some truth. You are surrounded by people that make you feel insecure even though they don’t realize it. You are the heavier one out of your friends, and you try and try, but just can’t seem to lose the weight. You are me, and I was you three years ago. This magazine article is for anyone that has felt like you can’t lose the weight, and has felt the insecurities just standing next to someone. Obesity is a problem in this county, but so is bullying. These problems go hand in hand, and is an issue that can be helped with guidance. I will share my story, the ways I lost weight, and changed to a healthy lifestyle, along with other helpful ways to get to one 's goals.

A brief flashback to my life three years ago. I was a junior in high school, and I was the heaviest I have ever been, 180 lbs. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, and was the punchline of everyone’s fat jokes. That all changed the beginning of my senior year, when I wanted to prove everyone wrong, and show them my potential. I started with the craze diet at the time which was the Special K diet. Two meals a day were Special K cereal (proper portions), my third meal was a healthy well nourished meal, and I was allowed to snacks a day. These snacks could be the Special K products or any healthy alternative. I started to back my lunches each day, and would allow myself one cheat meal a week. Although eating healthy made me feel better that was not all that I had to do. I was always in sports, and was a good athlete, but i did have to up my workouts. I began going to the gym everyday for a minimu...

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...dio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance, and protection from injury.
Seeing that there are ways to make the whisper’s and the teasing stop is inspiring. An article written in the New York Times by Roni Rabin in 2015, stated, “ At least 70 percent of participants in all of the countries perceived weight-based bullying to be a common problem, with 69 percent percent characterizing it as a “serious” or even “very serious” problem.” This was based on a study, researchers surveyed the views of 2,866 adults in the United States, Canada, Iceland, and Australia. This being because these four countries have the same rates in child and adult obesity. Having the facts, and living the truth of the weight-based bullying issue, is what prompted this article. Sharing my story and helpful information, is a way to motivate those to a better healthy lifestyle.

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