The Effects Of Nutrition On The Geriatric Population Essay

The Effects Of Nutrition On The Geriatric Population Essay

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There are many skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and senior living complexes providing a high geriatric population that is admitted to College Medical Center (CMC). The geriatric population ‘s conditions addressed such as malnutrition, enteral feeding complications, dementia, dehydration, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, renal insufficiency and diabetes become common conditions addressed in the facility. There is a behavioral unit at CMC that addresses psychosis and other mental disorders induced by substance misuse and economic hardships; however the focus will be on conditions popular in the geriatric census, the length of stay and identify the impact of nutrition support decreasing the cost of care.
The dominant diagnosis at CMC is dehydration, malnutrition, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube malfunctions, altered mental status, diabetes, and renal insufficiency. All of these diagnoses require a nutrition intervention in an attempt to improve the patient’s clinical condition in an acute setting. For example nutrition intervention is a crucial need among diabetic individuals whose blood glucose was in the 400s upon admission. This patient would need a carbohydrate controlled diet that will help regulate the amount of carbohydrates consumed and help the nurse assess the amount of insulin administered to a patient. The patient must have better blood glucose control before being discharged and dietitians provide nutrition education in attempts to prevent their admission once more for the same reason. The same goes to renal insufficiency related to an infection or simple a decline in function because of old age. The majority of our older population is end stage renal disease and requires dialysis three times a w...

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...will be followed upon every two for four days. Follow-ups performed every five to seven days must achieve nutrition support is stable and at goal rate, patient’s intake is between 50 to 90% of estimated needs. Finally, patients who are reassessed every seven to ten days have met an intake of 90 to 100% of estimated needs if patient nutritional is stable within the next two to three follow-ups the RD may write off this patient.
Nutrition intervention is time sensitive, that will help the patient achieve stability in an acute situation such as hospitalization. Nutrition care objective in an acute setting is to provide the best evidence-based practice for each diagnosis and customized the care for every patient. Preventative care and intervention in a timely manner will always be more cost effective in comparison to treating a condition that could have been prevented.

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