Essay on Effects of Nutrition on Academic Performance

Essay on Effects of Nutrition on Academic Performance

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Some students are unaware as to what they should expect going into post-secondary education. The student may be right out of high school, were their teacher ‘held their hand’ the entire time, been out of school for a long period of time, or may even have dropped out of a previous program and trying something new. Post-secondary education isn’t like high school or working a full-time job, it is a lot of dedication and hard work. Pursuing in post-secondary education will improve your knowledge base in a particular area you have chosen to improve on and prepare you for success with your future career goal. Students are entering into college and university to further their education, with the expectations to graduate and pursue a career in their new field of study. Low test scores, however, are preventing this from becoming reality for some. As a student, we tend make more time to study rather than focussing on eating properly and consuming nutritious food. That is why many new students find that they gain 15 pounds during the first-year of school, referred to as freshman 15, also not do as well as expected in their studies when they first applied for the program.
Diets of individuals affect mental activities, such as school work. The brain feeds off of what we put into our bodies and allows for “dynamic, responsive, and efficient new connections [to] be made” in the brain (Norman). The neurons located inside the brain help “drive our thinking, learning, feeling, and states of being. Neurons requires good fats, proteins, complex carbohydrates, micronutrients- vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, and water…[which] are used to drive the learning functions of [the] neurons” (Norman). As a result, we are aiding ...

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