Essay about The Effects Of Nuclear Weapons On The World

Essay about The Effects Of Nuclear Weapons On The World

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“There’s nothing you can do about it” It is what the scientists who worked in Livermore said, perhaps a very abnormal phrase for some people, but for they, a way of saying that there is no need to live in fear, probably because they were well used to that environment, I do not know if there is a type of des- synthetization or adaptation to that social environment; for most people who have certain jobs that are considered risky, they come to have a better adaptation to the danger. For the scientific crew to work there is a normal thing, but for the people who have no idea about the levels of security that they have in the laboratory, and the huge propaganda of the devastation caused for the use of nuclear weapons, was their nightmare, and their life was a living hell, the single idea of know that close to their cities the government was building such kind of weapon, was unthinkable and not tolerable for this sensitive anti-nuclear activist. Perhaps all this mentality was the recent Vietnam War, and the “imagery of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has been particularly important in antinuclear protesters’ (Gusterson H.p 198) Throughout history, humanitarian disasters have often served as a catalyst to approve new rules to prevent more suffering, deaths and atrocities in the war. Nuclear weapons are unique in terms of its power of destruction and human suffering they cause. Its use, however limited, will have catastrophic and lasting consequences for human health, the environment, climate, food production and socio-economic development. The effects of nuclear weapons involving health can last decades and their use can cause genetic damage in children of survivors, a fact that has been established at locations where they have used and tested ...

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...y to prohibit the use of nuclear weapons and totally eliminated. But who have taken the first steps to do this? Since the end of the cold war, some countries around the world have also taken important steps to strengthen their own security of nuclear material.
Protect humanity from the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons it requires courage, a permanent commitment and concerted action. Today the complex security environment highlights the challenges and the need for such action. Nuclear weapons are often presented as weapons to promote security, especially in times of international instability. But weapons that can bring catastrophic and irreversible humanitarian impact cannot be considered a means to protect the civilian population or to the whole of humanity. Today more than ever we know that the risks are too great and the dangers too real.

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