The Effects Of Nazi Propaganda On The World Essay

The Effects Of Nazi Propaganda On The World Essay

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During the twentieth century, fascist governments throughout the world employed social influencing tactics on their people in order to bolster their regime. Hitler and the Nazi’s were one of these regimes that successfully maintained power by forcing rose colored glasses over their people. Although many governments throughout history have sought social approval from the people within their borders; this “aestheticization of politics”, as Walter Benjamin coined it, allowed the Nazis to manipulate the German people with unprecedented success through the use of new mediums provided by technology. Although critics have argued that Walter Benjamin’s comment contains obscure meaning, due to the fact that “aestheticization” had always been present in government, I agree with Benjamin in that Nazi propaganda had been something profoundly different than anything in past governments.
Some people may detract from the idea that Nazi Germany was a unique occurrence in human history. They may argue that civilizations dating back to the Romans put on grandiose public displays meant to manifest their leaders as god-like. That even in the present day, American political conventions aestheticize our own political leaders though exuberant displays of social excitement. None come close to the scale of manipulation that Nazi propaganda had on the German people.
The Nazis were different from great imperial civilizations that came before them because of the modern technology that was at Hitler’s disposal. Germanic tribes and Palestinian villagers were never able to witness Julius Caesar depicted as a living God and centurions as great nobile heros. But Joseph Goebbels was able to do this through the use of new technologies such as radio and fi...

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...le to surround themselves in cults of personality and retain power for decades. The Kim dynasty in North Korea has been worshipped as Gods by their citizens through absolute totalitarian filtration of all forms of media. They have held onto power through the aesthetization of their politics, just as the Nazis did three quarters of a century ago.
All in all, Walter Benjamin’s comment regarding the Nazi party described their ability to diminish the analytical and critical thinking of the spectator of their regime in order to have them comply to political guidelines. I believe that he made this statement in regards to the use of technological mediums that had never been, and never since, used as effectively as the Nazis. In the end it is important to draw lessons from the acceptance of fascist regimes and to in the future become more critical thinking as a society.

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