Essay on Effects Of Natural Disasters On Impoverished Areas

Essay on Effects Of Natural Disasters On Impoverished Areas

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In this essay analysis, I will discuss the effects that natural disasters have on impoverished areas. In this analysis, I will specifically examine the impacts of Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita on impoverished areas in Southeast Houston between 2005 and 2016. The research methods use to carry out this analysis will include both statistical data from scholarly sources as well as participant observation to support the claim that natural disasters are one of the many factors that contribute to the cycle of destruction of impoverished areas. Some may ask, what relevance does exploring this topic entail? Personally, I believe that bringing awareness to the various factors that cause impoverished areas to continue to stay impoverished will help the exploration of solutions for this problem. Poverty is a problem throughout the world and is one of the leading causal factors of crime. Although this analysis will address some of the other factors that contribute to the destruction, I will primarily illustrate how natural disasters play a major role in creating impoverished areas.
Hurricanes are considered to be a natural disaster that can entail various consequences. The ability to take away the lives of millions of people and causes damage to almost all of human creation are just a couple of the consequence that Hurricanes have. Additionally, hurricanes cause massive floods and winds get so strong that flying debris often causes havoc in the lives of people who encounter hurricanes. Although some hurricanes cause massive damage there are other hurricanes that are far less deadly depending on the wind speeds that the tropical cyclones can produce. When the winds of a tropical cyclone is less than 40 mph, it is called a tropical depression...

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...ors that contribute to impoverished areas, I believe that when hurricanes strike impoverished areas they contribute to the demise of impoverished communities. The government doesn’t feel that impoverished areas are a high priority of concern because the areas are typically damaged before the effects of the natural disaster. Additionally impoverished areas tend to have higher rates of crime so the government believes that the demise of these areas comes with greater cost than benefits. So, how can we provide relief to this epidemic? I believe that the only way that impoverished areas of Southeast Houston can be redeemed is if someone who cares about that community has the ability to provide funding to reconstruct these areas rather than allow the government to redistribute these areas to a higher class and relocate the impoverished people to other impoverished areas.

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