The Effects Of My Mother On My Life Essays

The Effects Of My Mother On My Life Essays

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The Effects of My Mother on My Life
Many people, as well as myself, believe that a mother’s influence is one of the most important influences that one will ever come in contact with in their lives. A mother’s love, comfort, and support will often help to shape a child and allow them to become the person they need to be later on in life. My mother has had a great influence on my life from day one. I often refer to her as my “rock” because she is definitely a solid foundation in my life. Being that she is a great role model, my mother’s support and presence in my life has allowed me to grow as a person, keep my spirits high through hell and high water, prosper in all that I have done, as well as mold me to be a great person in the future.
One of the many jobs a mother has is to help ensure that a child grows throughout the various stages of their lives. My mother encourages me to grow educationally and mentally. She has taught me that no matter how old I am or how much I know, I must continue to work hard and grow. As a teacher for more than seventeen years, my mother still plans on ...

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