The Effects Of Music On The Academic Mind Essay

The Effects Of Music On The Academic Mind Essay

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The Effects of Music on the Academic Mind
Music has always had a large influence in my life. From the time I was a child, I loved turning on the radio and dancing around. As I grew older I found that I could harness this musical energy and began to clean while listening to music in a creative mix of dancing and putting things away. I began to apply this method I found that cleaning became more desirable and I actually had a desire to clean if not, just so I could listen to music. I can’t recall when I first had the idea to apply music to studying, though I know that it started with reading. Whenever my family would go on a road trip I would bring a book to read. However, just as I would start into the story my mind wandered and focused on the conversations and various sounds around me. This barrage of sound drowned out most of the plot line of my book. Nevertheless, I turn to my headphones to act as earplugs. Then, I took it a step further by turning on the music and increasing the volume until the music killed the sounds around me. At first I still struggled to focus but as I continued to read the music faded to the background leaving me in silence. Furthermore I started listening to music while studying and with practice the musical white noise grew into a motivating and enjoyable energy. Though, there were times the music became a distraction and I began to wonder if this was healthy for me or if silence, while not as enjoyable, was better for studying. Nonetheless it became a very confusing dilemma does the musical energy and white noise out weigh the occasional distraction or not? Moreover, a good portion of my friends don’t like to listen to music while studying because it pulls away their focus. This caused me to wonder if ...

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...ther or not the participants provided truthful accurate information. While the articles main focus was on damage caused by high volume levels, it does provide relevant information on the other side of the musical coin of how various types of music could be detrimental to studying. This study doesn’t focus specifically on the effect of music on studying it does helps to explore some interesting insights and questions. If listening to music at loud volumes and fast, intense beats leads to greater depression and suicidal thoughts than it must be detrimental to studying. If not, simply because depression doesn’t motivate one to study. As one who thoroughly enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, usually at loud volumes this was concerning though I felt like the results were more extreme than my case it causes me to wonder what is the best volume to listen to music?

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