The Effects Of Music On Our Brain Essay

The Effects Of Music On Our Brain Essay

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Listening to music is most of our popular leisure activity. Many young people also have their habits such as listening to music while reading, working or exercising. We can say the music has been an integral part of the lives of each of us. But have we ever wondered: How does the music affect our brains? Then, how does it impact our mood? Let 's discover it.
Firstly, music has an influence on our brains. When we listen to a song, frontal lobe, and temporal lobe are affected. There are nerve cells involved in this process, take on different functions (such as receptor tone, frequency, etc.). Then, the part of the brain related to memory, imagination, and language are also affected. Sometimes we do not notice that we are mentally according to one familiar song, and recall our memories associated with the song we are listening to. That is because that song has specialized part of the brain awakens memory and our language. Knowing how music affects the brain can help we choose the right music for each moment and enjoy the wonders that music brings to us.
Secondly, listening to music aff...

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