The Effects of Music on Bacteria Growth Essay

The Effects of Music on Bacteria Growth Essay

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I. Title The Effects of Music on Bacteria Growth
II. Introduction
A. Problem
The research topic that is being investigated is the effect music will have on bacteria growth. I chose this topic because I am interested in learning about how music can affect bacteria by its sound waves and frequency. I am very interested in learning my topic because it could help lead to conclusions about how to keep different types of bacteria from spreading over the course of time.
This could be a useful experiment because if certain types of harmful bacteria don’t grow as quickly when it is exposed to certain types of music, others scientists could figure out a way to prevent harmful types of bacteria from growing or spreading. Another reason why this would benefit society would be because if certain types of helpful bacteria, responsible for helping your body function properly, grow faster or not as much when exposed to certain types of music, scientists could figure out how to make it reproduce more bacteria and outnumber the bad kind. This would end up killing off harmful bacteria and keeping people healthier.
The main reason why this research is being investigated is because it would benefit scientists researching this material. If scientists could find a way to make certain bacteria grow at a slower or faster rate it could benefit society. If certain types of bad bacteria were growing in your home and scientist knew how to keep that bacteria from spreading quickly it could help people with serious health conditions.

B. Background Information
When you hear the word bacteria the first thing that might come to mind would be a germ. Although there can be many harmful types of bacteria, it is an essential part of life. Bacterium is all over...

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