The Effects of Mulitcultural Management on the Work Environment Essay

The Effects of Mulitcultural Management on the Work Environment Essay

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The management of an organization plays an integral part in determining the direction and performance of the organization. The manner in which the management of an organization is handled has a profound effect on the organization. The success of an organization is dependent upon a flexible and skilled management and workforce. The management of an organization is responsible for shaping up the organizational behavior and ultimately the culture within the organization. Public management faces a multiple of challenges and opportunities, how the management deals with these issues translates to efficiency in management. The personal judgments and skills of public managers can make a significant impact in public management. If then there is an efficient management within the organization, it leads to effective and proper structure of the organization.
This paper will examine the effect of multicultural management in the work environment. We will analyze this public issue based on the three-dimensional perspective, which consist of the structure, culture and craft. Based on the analysis done using the three-dimensional perspective, we will develop a strategy to address the effect of multicultural management in the work environment. We will also examine concepts and theories of public management to analyze on how it applies to the effect of the multicultural management in the work environment.
Analysis of the multicultural management effect on the work environment
Today’s word is increasingly becoming globalized in its overall outlook and as the marketplace embrace the same trend, multiculturalism in the workplace is more likely to grow. With this expansion in the business environment comes with it a new host of challeng...

... middle of paper ...

...ness environment. Businesses that are expected to flourish under these conditions, are those that identify and tap into the talents of their workforce and utilize the different values existing within the organization as an advantage.
This paper has analyzed the public issue, the multicultural management effect on the work environment. The discussion was centered upon how this public issue had an effect of the three dimensions perspective of public management. The three dimensions perspective included structure, culture and craft. Using the three-dimensional approaches, we came up with strategies to address the effect of multicultural management in the work environment. This paper has also gone a step further and highlighted some of the challenges and opportunities that the organization is likely to encounter in relation to this public management issue.

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