The Effects Of Michael Brown Incident On Racial Relations For The Better Or Worse?

The Effects Of Michael Brown Incident On Racial Relations For The Better Or Worse?

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Imagine an 18 year-old male gets shot to death through undisclosed means. Was the death that occurred that of an adult or a kid? Some would say yes, others no. For the Michael Brown incident this was a major contributing factor on how people received the news of his death. The true dilemma with defining anything revolves around perception. In reality, not everything can be labeled in simple black and white terms, there are grey areas and discrepancies. That distinctions remain up to debate. More importantly than an age classification, other terms must be analyzed and defined such as race, segregation, color blindness, white privilege. This paper aims to provide applicable definitions for the topic at hand. This paper aims to answer this question. In the wake of the Michael Brown incident, will Ferguson change racial relations for the better or the worse?
Biologically speaking, it is common knowledge race does not exist. No person on this planet has enough variation in their DNA to be considered a different specifies or race, yet humans continue to classify each other into races. This illusion of race functions as a social construct. The term ethnic group should be the used the way in which people use the term race. When redefining race one should look to incorporate elements of the definition for ethnic.
Pertaining to or characteristic of a people, especially a group (ethinic group) sharing a common and distinctive culture, religion, language, or the like.
(Of a human being) displaying characteristics, as in physical appearance, language, or accent that can cause one to be identified by others as a member of a minority ethnic group. (
In this facet of race under the context of ethnicity, Michael ...

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...fluence on American culture that’s the foundation for existing inequality. The shift in the presence of white privilege will be a key factor to observe in determining if race relations improve.
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