The Effects Of Mental Illnesses At Post Secondary Institutions Essay

The Effects Of Mental Illnesses At Post Secondary Institutions Essay

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The Factors and Effects Contributing to the Development of Mental Illnesses at Post-Secondary Institutions
The modern university student is at an unprecedented risk of developing a form of mental illness, referring to any “disorder that affects your mood, thinking, and behaviour”(Mayo Clinic), the culmination of which can result in the impairment of one’s ability to function in the daily rigours of university life, making University, for some students, one of the most difficult experiences of their life thus far; which may translate itself into various forms of self-harm/coping methods including, but not limited to, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, and technological dependence.
Conclusive research conducted in the past fifty years by numerous individuals, e.g. Katz, Wood, Flatt, have documented an alarming trend namely the increased diagnosis of mental disorders in the student populace. Due to this it is imperative in today’s society that the negative connotation associated with mental illness be further destigmatized as, the diagnosis of mental disorders has reached pandemic proportions (Katz et al. para. 2). Further studies perpetrated by researchers, during the late nineteen-nineties to early two-thousands, involving University students found irrefutable evidence of the upward trend specifically finding “anxiety [disorders] increasing sixty percent” (Wood, para. 8) furthermore “depression [rising] by over fifty percent” (para. 8), and mental illnesses collectively increased by “more than sixty percent”(para.8). While the exponential growth evident in the diagnosis of mental illnesses, “eighteen percent” (Flatt para. 1) of University students are currently being treated for a form of mental illness (para. 1), is disturbing...

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...f students needing counseling services has placed a burden that may become too large for the resident counselors to effectively handle (Flatt, para. 3). It is due to this lack that numerous students are not properly treated whether it is due to the lesser nature of their particular illness or due staff shortages students are written off before the successful implementation of treatment (Flatt, para. 3). The only plausible way to rectify this situation is to ensure the appropriate level of funding is provided to correspond with the ever increasing degree of mental illnesses (Flatt, para. 3). Whatever the case may be many times the students, through ignorance or denial, are left to find their own path through what can be an extremely difficult time without the appropriate/necessary support turning what was supposed to be the best years of their lives into their worst.

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