The Effects Of Medieval Punishment On The Middle Ages Essay

The Effects Of Medieval Punishment On The Middle Ages Essay

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During the years of the middle ages in England; from the 11th century to the 13th century, many countries/communities based and governed by law, doctrine, and or royalty/parliament, embraced new forms of punishment in order to reflect a crimes illegality and align a punishment that is capable of keeping a safe social environment. While the majority of sentences reflected the religious point of view of those giving the sentence, crime could be a broad spectrum of what is morally, socially, or religiously wrong, though this is what determines punishment. The array of areas that can be condemned to medieval punishment had their own means of justice, however, the most interesting and most controversial was the use of torture; whether its point was to create subtle and permanent change or to install pain that could be seen as penance for the crime committed. Punishments were sought out by the source of government in the region to where it was committed and that force would usually consist of royalty (Male) or individuals from the Catholic Church or Parliament in England. Though when judging crime and the punishment that would follow, the diagnoses of what punishments pursued which crime and whether the judiciary was accurate in its representations. At the time, the political, social, and economic factors played a major role in the non-consistent and equitable system that was put into place during the majority of England during the middle ages.
In accordance with the political impact of crime and punishment in the medieval era was the involvement of corruption within the process. Professor Garthine Walker wrote that it is certain that law was frequently called upon to enforce or affirm the authority of elite individuals and groups, due...

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...ey paid off their debt in labor. This includes one meal of gruel. Anything other than that also costs money, including blankets, better food, stay of execution, etc. As long as someone pays for the prisoners monthly expenses, they will be given the possibility to have these “luxuries.” These costs are added to the original debt and any other fines the magistrate has imposed. While in debtor’s prison, those that are able to can do certain tasks or even be “rented” to local nobility for a time, in order to work off their debts. The guards and the warden always take a cut of everything, so the cost of going to prison usually ends up double the original judgment against the prisoner. If a prisoner cannot pay their fees, they will end up executed or will meet an “accident” at the hands of another prisoner; which ironically so, would help pay off that prisoner’s own debts.

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