The Effects Of Media Violence On The Real Thing Essay

The Effects Of Media Violence On The Real Thing Essay

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Typically set in a crime stricken city. Centered around drugs, money, and violence. This is just a small overview of one of the best-selling video game series in the United States, Grand Theft Auto. Each game that is released is more violent and gory than the last. The high amount of violence contained in each game has risen one question to the surface of everyone’s mind, can media violence lead to the real thing? Even though we are continuously surrounded by violent films and games, most people would say violent media leads to a violent lifestyle, but I myself do not believe that.
Jim Carrey, a famous actor and comedian, is one who believes exposure to media violence can lead to the real thing. According to an article in the New York Times titled “Does Media Violence Lead to the Real Thing?”, during the summer of 2013 Carrey tweeted he would no longer be filming a movie he was supposed to star in because, earlier that year occurred the Sandy Hook Massacre, and Carrey stated, “in all good conscience I cannot support”, referring to some of the movie’s overly violent scenes (Pozios, Kambam, and Bender 1). The article also states, “Exposure to violent imagery does not preordain violence, but it is a risk factor.” Directly connecting media violence to all the crimes and violent behavior that occurs daily is like connecting lung cancer only to smoking. So many other things can lead to lung cancer besides smoking, but it is, like media violence, a risk factor (Pozios, Kambam, and Bender 2).
When one actually considers the effects of viewing and interacting with media violence they will realize there are both pros and cons to the subject. Though the number of pros is more than the cons, according to and

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...I do not believe that media violence leads to the real thing. Many would disagree and say that it does, but that is only because they have not really sat down and thought about it. Yes, media violence can be held responsible for some of the crimes and violent behavior that take place every day, but it cannot hold the blame for all. Interacting with media violence is actually one of the safest ways to relieve stress, anger, or any other negative emotion. Some of that interaction may have a negative effect on the viewer, but more than likely it will not. We are surrounded by violence every day, yet few of us are or will become killers. Lastly, placing the blame for every disaster or tragedy that occurs is just nonsense because, there is years worth of research that shows that even though media violence may be a risk factor for violent behavior there is no definite link.

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