Essay on The Effects Of Media On Children 's Children

Essay on The Effects Of Media On Children 's Children

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Dennis Callahan

Just a few more minutes
“Oh no, the bad piggies are going to get us! Flappy birds attack!” This little blurb comes from a child I know, who lives around video games (mainly mobile games) and Television (Netflix). His situation stems mainly from him coming home from his pre-school half days with nothing but video games and TV to keep himself entertained while his mom works in the office. Although the use of media can be a useful tool for education and fun, parents should regulate the amount of electronic media their children are exposed to everyday, because media can inhibit the social interaction skills of children, prolonged use of media slow the development of children, and media can influence an already vivid imagination.
Parents should regulate the amount of electronic media their children are exposed to everyday, because media can inhibit the social interaction skills of children. Children often emulate the personality traits, actions, and/or ideas of their favorite TV or video games characters mostly while they are still impressionable. There are defiantly cases in which children of an older age may show signs of emulation but it is far less common. This “copying” of TV or video game characters can lead to violent actions, aggression, and poor social interactions. It should also be known that there are many factors to take into account when looking at how the TV viewing affects the children.
In the journal article Family Experiences and Television Viewing as Predictors of Children’s Imagination, Restlessness, and Aggression written by Jerome and Dorothy Slinger, the authors mention that the amount of time the child watches television, the type of programming he or she watches, the strength of ...

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...tions from a study that “children younger than 2 years who watch more television or videos have expressive language delays.” The Author also mentions “children younger than one year with heavy television watching have a significantly higher chance of having a language delay (1042).” Language delays can cause a child to struggle during their early phases of learning. A child who is speaking at a normal pace is prepared more from pre-school than a child who isn’t speaking at a normal pace. And by “normal pace” what is meant is that the child is able to hold normal conversations without struggling to gather the words needed to convey their statement.

"Media Use by Children Younger Than 2 Years." Pediatrics (2011): 1040-045. Pediatrics. American Academy of Pediatrics. Web. 11 Nov. 2014. .

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