The Effects Of Media And Marketing On Excessive Cosmetic Surgery Essay

The Effects Of Media And Marketing On Excessive Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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In this paper, I will analyze the data I collected, and to begin the process of answering the research question about what is the role of the media and marketing in increasing unnecessary and excessive cosmetic surgery, I interviewed two of my closest friends. One of them is married and is a housewife and the other one is a successfully educated university professor. I informed them of the purpose and goals of my research project and what is my research question. I conducted the first interview with the married housewife friend. Earlier she stated to me after having a second child she has gained over 50 pounds and she has attempted to lose the weight by dieting or exercising. Because she was unable to lose the weight, she does not have a positive self-image anymore. She also criticized that TV, media and real housewife shows constantly advertise happy, attractive and successful women with flawless skin and a slim and fit body. She told me that every single morning she wakes up with a fear that her husband may leave her because she is not skinny anymore. She emphasized that how the media cater to what public like to see, usually attractive faces with smooth skin and thin bodies, and that media role is to set a standard of beauty. These provide images and tips how to achieve social status by using physical appearance, and how to keep a husband and be madly in love. She mentioned that the last trip she went to Hawaii with her husband and she was ashamed to wear her bikini and get a tan. She even said that her husband told her that if she lost a couple of pounds she would be healthier and look more attractive like the model in the bikini on the billboard across the hotel. She told me that after they came back from the trip she went t...

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...r wrinkles. She wants to fit in what is social norms and do not be labeled as a deviance and against the norms of beauty image culture. She also mentioned that when she was younger her mom did the same things and her mom always was admired as exactly like a model, sexy mom by her friends. She said that she remembers that her mom used to do have plastic surgeries and using different products and makeup to look hot and young. Her mom was a trophy housewife and she always was centered of attention by her husband and her friends because she looked like a model. She was an educated lady however she had never used her education and worked. She had a full support of her husband because he was a rich guy and felt in love with her because of her physical appearance. She wants to be admired and she thinks the only way to be center of attention is fit in beauty images by media .

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