Effects Of Materialism On Adolescents ' Behavior And Attitude Towards Learning And Behaving Around Other People

Effects Of Materialism On Adolescents ' Behavior And Attitude Towards Learning And Behaving Around Other People

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Materialism and adolescents then and now
Bethany Breaux
University of Houston Clear Lake

This paper will discuss the effects of materialism on adolescents’ behavior and attitude towards learning and behaving around other people. The studies I choose will help provide a basis of and how materialism can potentially affect behavior, if it does at all. If one takes a look at the many published magazines in today’s society it would seem that the majority of its content are advertisements aimed at the audience. Colorful flashy pictures grab the attention of the readers and the catchy logos linger in their mind. Television can make designer clothes, trendy diet, or must-have jewelry of the season look desirable and promise happiness to its consumers. The studies will focus on the effect of materialism on adolescents.
The first article was focused on the materialistic behavior of teens, if it affected their academics and motivation to learn. The methodology of the study is an empirical study. This means that the researchers use statistics and facts from numerical values to validate their research. The article, titled “Materialistic teenagers less motivated to learn?” was conducted in 2011, by Lisbeth Ku, Helga Dittmar, and Robin Banerjee. The team worked on gathering subjects in the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. The geographical difference helped the study be more diverse, which the results are cross-cultural. The subjects were male and female adolescents from grade 9, and grade 12.
The researchers chose to study adolescents in U.K. and Hong Kong was that they both had similar mass consumer culture, which encouraged acquiring expensive items and promote affluent lifestyle.
In the methods, there is a total of 577 teens from ...

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... even the likelihood of certain personalities to desire more materialistic gains than other, more simplistic personalities. With these findings in place it is an interesting question that researchers need to inquire more information on the effects of materialism on prosocial behaviors and individual contribution to society.

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Ku, L., Dittmar, H., & Banerjee, R. (2012). Are materialistic teenagers less motivated to learn? Cross-sectional and longitudinal evidence from the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Journal Of Educational Psychology, 104(1), 74-86. Retrieved from UHCL library database September 2015

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