Essay about The Effects Of Mass Media On Society

Essay about The Effects Of Mass Media On Society

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Mass media is a mediator that is used to broadcast information to public and it can present in numerous ways via print media, electronic media and interactive media. The function of mass media is very broad which can vary from an important role of shaping public opinion to individual for entertainment. In today’s world, there are lots of people using media to communicate and connect to the world, those people distributed to sender and receiver. Indeed, the largest sender is the origins of media such as newspaper, radio and internet. These senders give massive information to public, including propaganda, latest news and education. More and more people rely on the platform the media provided in order to socialize the interpersonal relationships and sense of belongings. In the age of technology, mass media has become easier to introduce the world around people and the example includes YouTube, Facebook and Tweeter. The effects of mass media come to people’s everyday life and those effects have different influences in the society. Therefore, this essay will discuss three positive effects and one negative effect on how mass media affect the society. To do this, it will examine how mass media concerning on cultural, society and political stages.  
There are three positive effects of mass media to the society. The first positive effect of mass media is that mass media plays an important part in the political stage. In today’s world, people can take part in the political decision making because of the democratic social system. Voting is one of the representative factor of the democracy. As a politician, how to get the votes to win the competition is the most significant thing they have to do. In this sense, media can be considered as a wi...

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...rom wrong. It will leave threats to the public. That is the negative effect of mass media to the society.
In conclusion, mass media can help shape public’s opinion which is an effective way for public take part in the political activity as they have a valid channel to clarify how the political department work and who the politicians are. Mass media also bring the dark reality into light, which can be a threat to those who hide in the dark. People also can be inspired to become more positive by the mass media as it presented the inspiring story of the great heroes. However, mass media have negative effect to the society, as the mass media present the negative situation like violent, bloody, adult content, and so on. Generally speaking, mass media have more positives effect than negative effects. People should realize both the bad aspect and good aspect of mass media.

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