Essay on The Effects Of Mass Meat Consumption On America

Essay on The Effects Of Mass Meat Consumption On America

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According to,a non-profit organization with the goal of motivating young people to take action around social changes, Animal Production has very alarming statistics that we all could be affected by. One of the most alarming statistics they have regarding this topic is that “Factory farming accounts for 37% of methane (CH4) emissions, which has more than 20 times the global warming potential of CO2. Another very scary statistic is that “Burning fossil fuels to produce fertilizers for animal feed crops may emit 41 million metric tons of CO2 per year.” I have always wondered about the effects of mass meat consumption in America considering that there is an abundance of meat product everywhere. Even our culture celebrates eating meat to the point where animal consumption becomes the centerpiece that our holidays revolve around. Thanksgiving, Labor day, and Memorial day are few of the things that we celebrate that revolve around eating turkey, grilling, and having a family barbeque. This issue of mass animal production is one of the largest problem that the world is facing and there needs to be dialogue regarding this subject matter. This semester I plan to research animal production and how sustainable production is with regards to the environment and health and try to find a balance between what the customers demand and what we can do to create a balance that would benefit everybody. This topic justifies this semester 's main idea of sustainably because in order for the planet to remain where it is along with human health and the earth 's biodiversity we must tackle this topic. I have a vested interest and a passionate interest regarding this topic because I want to be able to do something about this issue before i...

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... I can find data from credible sources like the David Suzuki in order to appeal to my audience by using ethos because Susuki is an environmental activist.
I am genuinely excited to learn more about the effects of mass animal production and write an essay that talks about it 's issues when it comes to sustainability and what we can do to come up with solutions to make livestock production more sustainable for everybody. I believe this issue is something the whole world could be affected by. In my opinion writing about this topic will shed light on the issues and the negative impact animal production causes along with the fact that it will help me make sense of all the obstacles that are on the way that are hindering its ability to be more sustainable for everyone. I plan to fully express and write this paper in order to educate and light a fire to my chosen audience.

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