The Effects Of Marriage On Children 's Union Formation Experiences Essay

The Effects Of Marriage On Children 's Union Formation Experiences Essay

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The findings that children are affected by growing up in a household under cohabiting adults rather than in a family model where marriage is present would probably lead to those children having their ideas of cohabitation and marriage being shaped as a result by the time they reach adulthood. This is shown by Axinn & Thornton (1993) when they state, “Results support our hypothesis: Parental attitudes toward cohabitation affect children’s union formation experiences...Young people whose mothers’ approve of cohabitation married at significantly lower rates than young people whose mothers disapprove of cohabitation, controlling for children’s attitudes” (p. 243). An interesting finding from their study was that gender plays a role in how children could potentially feel about cohabitation and marriage when their mothers raise their children in either family setting. This is referred to when the text states, “An important gender difference appeared in the relationship between mother’s attitudes and their children’s cohabitation behavior: Mother’s attitudes have more influence on their daughters’ cohabitation behavior than on their son’s behavior, and daughters’ cohabitation behavior has more influence on mothers’ attitudes than does sons’ behavior…Daughters may be more inclined than sons to see their mothers as role models, and model their behavior in accordance with their mothers’ opinions” (p. 243).
There are several reasons that children are more likely than ever to grow up in a cohabiting household which are highlighted by Raley and Wildsmith (2004) who mention, “Children are more likely than ever to live in a cohabiting household partly because cohabitation rates are high among the divorced population, many of whom have childr...

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...the children that are born into such a situation. It has been proven that parents who raise kids in a cohabiting environment are less successful in teaching the children to abstain from pre-marital sexual relations and cohabitation in their own romantic relationships. Kids that are raised by a parents who lives with someone that they are not married to also makes it more likely that the child will have several transitions with new adults, which leads to instability both at home and in the classroom. With all of the empirical evidence given proving that marriage should be considered over cohabitation as a stable coupled living arrangement that citizens in the United States and in other countries would be inclined to take notice. However, the last several decades have seen an explosion of cohabitation rates and it seems unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

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