Essay about The Effects Of Marital On Child Aggression

Essay about The Effects Of Marital On Child Aggression

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The Effects of Marital Arguing On Child Aggression
Child aggression, the growing issue that researchers everywhere are debating. Does it happen because of their surroundings? Is it because of the video games? Do neglected children have a higher chance of becoming abusive to other’s as they become older? These are all great questions, but one big factor in child aggression is an adolescent watching their parents fight and be abusive to one another. Watching these events unfold can lead to children being violent towards other children, teachers, and even their parents. This issue is at large in the world and needs to be analyzed and evaluated.
When growing up, children look up to their parents as influences. Most children want to be just like their parents and will even go to the extent of having the same interests, hobbies, and job field. Children follow their parents around and always want to do what they are doing. Albert Bandura’s Bobo doll experiment showed that adolescents will repeat actions that they see adults doing. Whether aggressive or non-aggressive, children have proved to imitate actions of people they look up to. This can be dangerous to a child if they see adults fighting all of the time. If fighting persists, the child will think that fighting is a normal, everyday occurrence. They may believe that this is how they should act around others. According to Albert Bandura’s Bobo doll experiment, the children who were shown the video of an adult playing aggressively with the doll were much more aggressive while playing than the children who watched the non-aggressive adult. (Feldman 368) The behavior that these children were watching helped them develop a sense of right and wrong. Children who watched aggressive b...

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...ehavior. The controversies following this topic are both large topics and have to be looked at in full. Researchers are doing their best to analyze every aspect of each topic that could have an effect. The child could just be hardwired to be aggressive, they might have grown up around violence in a bad neighborhood, or the child could have been bullied into being aggressive. There are so many reasons as to why a child could be aggressive, but watching parents, the people one looks up to, argue and grow further apart can lead a child to having some major issues in development. Eventually, the researchers and psychologists will figure out what causes children to be over aggressive and maybe even how they can learn to grow out of it. These effects can change the entire life of a child and should be thought of carefully by all parents before arguing in front of a child.

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