The Effects Of Marijuana On The Body Because It Helps Stop Cancer Essay

The Effects Of Marijuana On The Body Because It Helps Stop Cancer Essay

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Opponents truly believe that Marijuana has positive effects on the body because it helps stop cancer from spreading. California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco stated, “The researchers studied breast cancer cells in the lab that had high expression levels of Id-1 and treated them with cannabidiol. After treatment the cells had decreased Id-1 expression and were less aggressive spreaders” (Jennifer Welsh and Kevin Loria, A chemical found in marijuana stops cancer from spreading, 1). This means that when one inhales Marijuana we are allowing the cannabidiol in Marijuana to enter the body. Id-1 is a cancer causing gene.The cells, when exposed to the cannabidiol undergo cell death. Marijuana stops the cancer cells from dividing, stopping them from multiplying and spreading to other parts in the body. Marijuana would act like an effective, natural and non-painful alternative to treat major cases of cancer rather than chemotherapy or radiation that have several harmful and long term side effects to ones health. Although the core of this argument seems valid, it has a mistake in its reasoning Marijuana does negatively affect one 's health because it causes one to become addicted, leading one to try harder drugs once a tolerance is built. People tend to use marijuana because it affects the pleasure center in the brain that puts the body in a state of euphoria for 2 or 3 hrs. Once the effect wears off and the reason why one initially used the drug becomes more aware, one is then tempted to use it again in order to get the same high sensation. This cycle continues until the user becomes dependent on the drug. People continue to abuse of Marijuana in order to escape their problems or unwanted feelings, but once it...

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...s every day, especially in adolescence. This is dangerous because they are harming their knowledge. At a young age the brain is still developing and marijuana consumption is permanently impaired the brain. Many people due to the lack of knowledge don 't know the major effects that even a low dose of Marijuana may cause. Marijuana consumption is taking over younger generations mental health, increasing the number of emergency visits. Marijuana is setting a bad influence for upcoming generations and its also destroying the well being of people in todays society. Many people are turning to Marijuana to escape reality and when the Marijuana no longer has an effect they are lost in a world of misperceptions. They are left with brain impairments, chronic lung conditions, some even become addicted and the marijuana, then become a gateway to other illicit drugs like heroin.

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