Essay on The Effects Of Marijuana On The Body And Brain

Essay on The Effects Of Marijuana On The Body And Brain

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For many years there has been a continuous debate on the positive and negative effects of marijuana. Most studies state that marijuana is not harmful to one’s health any more than alcohol or smoking regular tobacco products. In fact some studies state that smoking marijuana is in fact better for you than tobacco and alcohol. It is just like any other drug, only good for you in moderated dosses. According to the article, “What Marijuana Does To Your Body And Brain” from Business Insider, marijuana increases lung capacity while tobacco users lost lung function over time. The article also mentions that marijuana helps increase ones metabolism and helps their bodies handle sugar better (Welsh). There are other common effects marijuana has on the body, they include relaxation, keener sound and sense, and felling peaceful. The aftereffects are just as pleasurable, comprising, a sense of calm, clear mind, and a more restful sleep (Burroughs). The medical uses of marijuana are no secret either, it has been used for several treatments over the course of a couple years. The main uses ...

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