The Effects of LSD On the Human Body Essay

The Effects of LSD On the Human Body Essay

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The many different illegal drugs around the world can all have harmful effects to the human body, but that does not stop many people from using them. Some people will do anything they can to get ahold of these dangerous drugs. Within the many different illegal drugs, there are a certain kind of drugs called hallucinogens. Hallucinogens are a class of drugs that cause hallucinations—profound distortions in a person's perceptions of reality. The most common hallucinogen is called Lysergic acid, more commonly referred to as “LSD” or just simply “acid”.
LSD was discovered by accident. “Albert Hofmann, a chemist working for Sandoz Pharmaceutical, synthesized LSD for the first time in 1938, in Basel, Switzerland, while looking for a blood stimulant,” (Unknown). While Hofmann was looking for a blood stimulant, he accidentally synthesized LSD.It is the most potent drug meaning that taking a very little dose will greatly affect a user. “It was later found that an oral dose of as little as 25 micrograms (equal in weight to a few grains of salt) is capable of producing vivid hallucinations.” This shows that LSD is very potent and a little dosage can affect a user greatly. LSD is most commonly taken by putting a square tab of blotter paper contained with droplets of the drug on or under the tongue. There are a variety of harmful effects that can occur when people use this drug. As a result of people using the drug LSD (Lysergic acid), the most commonly used hallucinogen, psychological problems, emotional problems, and brain problems occur within the users of the drug.
For one thing, when someone decides to take the drug LSD, many different psychological problems can occur. Hallucinations occur once this drug is used. “Hallucinations can o...

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