The Effects Of Low Morale On The Workforce Towards Achieving Organizational Goals

The Effects Of Low Morale On The Workforce Towards Achieving Organizational Goals

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Leadership is the vehicle used within organizations to point the workforce towards achieving organizational goals. Therefore, in today’s marketplace, it is imperative that organizations have a workforce that can achieve these goals and that they also have leaders that can energize their workforce by cultivating an environments of high morale.
What is morale? Swartout, Boykin, Dixon & Ivanov (2015) define employee or organizational morale as the feeling someone has while in the workplace. Swartout (2015) sites Deming’s five deadly diseases as the causes of low morale: 1) Lack of constancy of purpose, where employees observe common practices of an organization reacting to problems by putting out fires rather than planning and creating solutions. ; 2)Emphasis on short term profits, which Deming equates with short term thinking and advocates that when organizations are only concerned about Wall Street, they make changes at the expense of their employees, leaving them feeling insecure about their jobs because their salaries, benefits, and training are being reduced to satisfy the stakeholders; 3) Evaluation of performance, merit rating or annual reviews, which Deming believes can be used as a weapon against employees to instill fear and retribution rather than a tool for providing constructive feedback and growth; 4) Mobility by management, where employees observe members of management leaving organizations, or “job-hopping,” which creates inconsistency in employees’ minds, and, consequently, employees have to prove themselves all over again to someone new; and, lastly, 5) Management by quota’s, which Deming recognized as necessary, in that organizations must meet organizational objectiv...

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... employees to approach management with concerns, and if the concerns are sensitive in nature, they can submit the matter anonymously through surveys (2016). Price’s last suggestion is to have frequent meetings that allow platforms for managers to inform employees of recent events and developments and to celebrate employees’ accomplishments. Good communication can increase workplace morale, where employees are encouraged to pursue personal development and career progression (2016).
According to Millage (2012), the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) reported that ethical behavior of organizations can increase workplace integrity and reinforce the workers’ loyalty towards their organizations. The lack of ethics among leaders and co-workers leads to lower productivity and low morale. Millage states that according to the ERC, organizations that have weak ethical

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