Essay on The Effects Of Light Pollution On Earth

Essay on The Effects Of Light Pollution On Earth

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Having electricity is something that most people feel they need to be comfortable and safe in their day to day lives. So much so, that the demand for lighting has increased rapidly over the years. This increase in demand also includes the usage of artificial lighting which also contributes greatly to light pollution. Light pollution has had an unfavorable effect on the planet and this includes humans, animals, and plants as a whole.
Light pollution is the “inappropriate or excessive usage of light causing glare, sky glow, and light trespass”. (IDA). Too much light washes out starlight in the night sky, which causes a lot of problems on earth (Haas). The more we educate ourselves on the effects of light pollution, the more effective we can be at minimizing the effects.
“Astronomers were the first ones to notice light pollution over 100 years ago” (Bower). In 1908 there were photos taken at “Los Angeles basin and shows; they noticed city’s night light was creating atmospheric radiance; which was blocking the view of the sky” (Bower). Light pollution is an environmental issue that is advancing rapidly causing concern for everyone. It has increased over the years due to the “growth of cities population, as well as the types of buildings being constructed such as, outdoor sports stadiums and billboards” (Lerner, et al).
There are various different types of light pollution that are causing damage to the world. Outdoor stadiums and billboards all create what is called light trespass. This is “a type of light that spills outside the area that is designated to illuminate to neighborhood properties” (Astronomical Society of South Australia). Light Trespass can also interfere with your sleep and reduced privacy (Lerner, et al). Street l...

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...orida Atlantic University). This only occurs at night as well however due to the seemingly 24 hour stream of nonstop lighting; the process is slowed drastically. Plants must become pollinated and in the event they don’t not it can effect one-third of all human food supply” (Department of Physics Florida Atlantic University).
The research gathered has shown the effects of light pollution and the results we must deal with in today’s world. There are also many preventative measures we can use to minimize the effect of light pollution. First we can start by “replacing street lights with full-cut off fixtures that make all the light go downward” instead of light pointing to the sky (ASSA). Secondly, “replacing outdoor security and displaying lights with quality shield flood lights directing the light only toward the target” can be way to reduce light pollutions (ASSA).

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