The Effects Of Leadership Within An Organization Essay

The Effects Of Leadership Within An Organization Essay

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Leadership can lead to increased productivity and growth within an organization. This report aims to investigate and provide reasoning to the question of “What are the true effects of leadership within an organization.” Leadership is a key controllable factor that us humans can learn and implement in our organizations. They have a large impact on the productivity of an organization so it’s vital to understand their true effects and implements. The problem is that managers don’t fully know how to use leadership to its full potential and that therefore leads to an organizational inefficiency. If managers can learn to fully understand leadership then they will see organizational growth.
The purpose of this paper is to inform you about the effects of leadership within management and an organization. This report will highlight those effects and impacts and also provide logical reasoning using factual arguments for the need for better leadership within organizations. The focus on this report is to inform of the current leadership effects in the organization as well as inform about the lack of quality leadership. This report will then persuade why this issue is important and how acknowledging and addressing the issue is a step in the right direction for managerial quality. I will make recommended action in the conclusion of my report.

"Leadership is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth" (Burns, 1990). Leadership styles are defined as "a pattern of emphases, indexed by the frequency or intensity of specific leadership behaviors or attitudes, which a leader places on the different leadership functions" (Casimir, 2001). Leadership styles such as autocratic, democratic and laissez faire all fit ...

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...004) found that contingent reward leadership had a strong positive correlation with job satisfaction and performance which has been linked to commitment.
Theologically, transformational leadership style will have a greater impact on organizational commitment from employees due to its purpose on working more with the person than just an exchange for mutual benefit. Limsila and Ogunlana (2007) found that transformational leadership style is likely to generate commitment from subordinates while transactional is not. Therefore came up with the conclusion that, Transformational leadership style leads to higher organizational commitment than transactional leadership style. So this study shows that although Transformational leadership is more effective at engaging employees to their maximum. Both Transformational and Transactional leadership improve employee engagement.

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