The Effects Of Internet On The World Wide Web Essay

The Effects Of Internet On The World Wide Web Essay

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When the internet evolved into the World Wide Web, there was a massive change in the way most people communicated in their interpersonal relationships. Not only were people beginning to use the internet as a way to communicate with interpersonal relationships that already existed but being a part of the World Wide Web gave many the opportunity to create new interpersonal friendships with the simple use of certain socializing websites that were created and multiplied in the last couple decades. While the internet is incredible for giving the opportunity for this type of communication and conversation, so are people for being able to find ways to communicate through this medium properly without losing significant amounts of social intimacy. As social media websites and massive multi-player online games increase in number, so does the ability to cross paths with someone online and potentially build a strong friendship with them. The probability of this is not low. Because of this factor, online dating websites have emerged on the web and obtain many users daily. However, there is indeed a very strong mindset that interpersonal communication is inhibited in an online environment and therefore should not be engaged or prioritized. Many studies were conducted assessing the validity of this mindset while also evaluating the strength of friendships online. A portion of studies conclude that online and offline relationships can be generally similar in that they are limited by willingness to be intimate, differ culturally, provides a safe environment for self disclosure and provide proper means to build intimacy.

Mesch 's survey study on online friendship formation studied what truly inhibited intimacy, trust, and reciprocity. The study co...

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...ield has a lot of studies but more can definitely be conducted when it comes to learning about what more explicit conversational differences do online and offline friendships have and what closes the gap between what is missing from physically present interraction. But there are many limitations in finding enough qualitative case study information that can properly support particular hypotheses in this subject. There I also difficulty in finding very accurate numbers and the additional problem of separating the types of online friendships. Surely a friendship formed on a MMORPG must have its differences to a friendship formed on Plenty of Fish. Either way, what is left of the strong mindset surrounding the illigitimacy of online friendships should be overruled as there are many overwhelming similarities between friends in the real world and friends in the vitual one.

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