The Effects Of Insufficient Amount Of Sleep On Students ' Health And Academic Performance

The Effects Of Insufficient Amount Of Sleep On Students ' Health And Academic Performance

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A Study on the Effects of Insufficient Amounts of Sleep on Students’ Health and Academic Performance
Prevalent among the adolescents in today’s society is the tendency to go to sleep at later hours which results in a lack of good quality sleep. This can especially be common in academic settings where insufficient sleep quality and quantity occur in a large portion of college students (Lund et al. 124). But how does this lack of sleep affect students? As various studies have shown a lack of sleep in adolescents can drastically affect the brain’s cognitive function and therefore a student’s academic performance. Furthermore, an insufficient quantity of sleep can negatively impact students’ mental and physical health. Despite the amount of research showing the negative effects, students still force themselves to remain awake well into the night, detracting from the recommended eight or more hours of sleep needed per night (Lund et al. 126). The purpose of this paper, by analyzing the effects of sleep loss on students, is to debate that in order to perform academically well and maintain a healthy life style, a student needs to moderate their sleep patterns. Without the moderation, sleep loss can impact the physical and mental health of a student, along with their academic ability.
In their review focusing on sleep and adolescent development, Ian Coulrain and Fiona Baker develop a definition for sleep:
the periodic appearance of two very different yet highly organized patterns of electroencephalographic (EEG) activity that occur in the absence of conscious wakefulness, rapid desynchronized small amplitude waveforms of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and slow, high amplitude synchronized waveforms of deep “slow wave” non-REM (NREM) sle...

... middle of paper ... classes or missing classes. Students can also become distracted by the thoughts of stress or not caring due to the presence of a negative mood.
Studies have shown the consequences of sleep loss on the health and academic performance on students; yet an insufficient amount of sleep in students is common in academic settings. In order to combat this problem, as suggested by Wong et al., and Lund et al., awareness campaigns should be used to educate students and educators in all levels of education about the effects of an insufficient amount of sleep. It should be noted that the studies create broad generalizations of adolescent sleep habits and their respective effects, not taking into account individual physiologies. Overall, it is up to the individual to moderate the quantity of sleep they obtain in order to maintain a healthy life style and academic performance.

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